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Posted by Scott Bugler at Jul 24, 2018 10:16AM PDT ( 1 Comment )

We are having some difficulty arranging a date with Sarnia to reschedule the match that we were suppose to play this Thursday.
The only date that lines up for both teams is:
Sunday August 12th at 11am in Sarnia @ Lambton College.
I need everyone to respond to the email which I just sent with a YES – Available or a NO-Not Available as soon as possible, so that we can get this game locked down before another conflict arises.
I know for sure that we will be without Kieran and Antonio, but I am not aware of anyone else that is suppose to be away at that time.
Please get respond as soon as possible.

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Georgetown Tournament CANCELLED

Posted by Scott Bugler at Jul 18, 2018 7:01PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

After consulting with the players, coaching staff and as many parents as I could contact – the majority has spoken and we are pulling out of the Georgetown Tournament.
There are only 2 other teams in our division and one of them is a U16 team so we would have ended up playing the same two teams twice. We could not justify the cost of the hotel rooms and food and gas to participate in such an event.
(There is a 24 hour cancellation policy, and simply state that the tournament was cancelled)
Best Western Milton 1-905-875-3818
Sorry for any inconvenience.


1. CANADA’s DAY. Because we are grateful to our patriots patriarchs who fought for our freedom, rights & responsibilities. “CONGRATULATIONS CANADA & CANADIANS
2. GRADUATION WEEK. Because we have so many grade 6s, 8s, 12s and post secondary soccer players graduating this year. We are happy for all in general who are graduating and moving forward to their next step in life. “CONGRATUALTIONS STUDENTS
3. LONG WEEKEND. Because after a hard working journey in soccer or anything else, a break is well deserved for all. “ENJOY
4. SOCCER WORLD CUP. Because it is the event that identifies us and join us together with many others. “GOL SOCCER GOL!”
5. WE PLAY SOCCER. Because it is the sport we use at LACFC to teach not only soccer skills but skills beyond SOCCER. “GOL LACFC GOL!”
6. FAIR PLAY TIE BREAKER RULE. Because the beautiful game of soccer is rewarding the way you play the game and the way LACFC teaches it and plays it is always respecting the opponent such as going always for the ball and/or not utilizing ’wasting time when ball out of play" maneuvers when playing the game as we like to play . “JOIN THE ACTION, SOCCER ACTION, THE LACFC WAY”.
7. MORE SOCCER. Because even thought we do not have training nor games at LACFC this long weekend, we will still be having more soccer through the WORLD CUP of SOCCER in television and/or, as the case is for some friends, even in person at the RUSSIAN STADIUMS. “GOL! SOCCER GOL!”



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UPDATES! - JUNE 28th, 2018

Posted by Scott Bugler at Jun 28, 2018 8:52AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Morning All!

A couple of important updates:

1. There is NO match this Friday – Due to field conditions at the Curinga Club, we have been forced to reschedule our match against Oakridge.
Currently it is tentatively scheduled for August 31st but that date may change as we need to have Oakridge agree to a time and date.
I will keep everyone posted as I learn more.
Enjoy the long weekend!!

2. Our District Cup Quarterfinal match is set with L.S. Croatia S.C. and it is in the calendar now.
Wednesday July 18th at the Curinga Club – Match time is 7:00 pm.
Please try to have the boys there 30 minutes early to allow them to get a full warm up completed.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please contact me!


Training is still on tonight (Provided Mother Nature allows).
Training is at 7:00 pm at Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School.
There was an effort to get Friday’s game against Oakridge moved to tonight but that effort was not successful.